Category : unplugged

Solo : cello + beatbox

A new solo project.

More and more difficult : this time without any external aid. Just a cello and a microphone.

Hayea trio

Hayea Trio

Claire Alloul : voix, bendir

Mauro Basilio : oud

Nicolas Derolin : percussions


– mnémotechnie –

free baroque jazz string trio

Yann Sury : violin

Mauro Basilio : cello

Kentaro Suzuki : double bass


Céline Wadier: vocals, piano

Mauro Basilio: cello, beatbox, percussions, turntables

Ensemble Galinverna – Quen Quer Que Na Virgen Fia

Ensemble Gelinverna in RICERCARI, a fusion between early and modern music

Marco Suppo: nyckelharpa, hurdy-gurdy
Elisa Fighera: fiddles, percussions
Mauro Basilio: lute, oud, tenor fiddle, percussions

Franco Olivero: saxophones, flute
Davide Burdese: vocals

Accademia del Ricercare – Spirito Santo Glorioso

Collaboration as a player of lute and percussions with Accademia del Ricercare, in 2012.

Participation in a Television Program broadcasted by Tele2000. Track starts at 21m30sec.

Improvised concert for cello

Improvised performance @ Festival ISAO 2013, Turin, IT

Mauro Basilio solo cello